Garlock Hot Maxx Material Heater


The Garlock Hot Maxx Heater is the first high-production, cold process material heater that doesn’t weigh more than 1,000 lbs. nor require a forklift to move.

This cold-process heater can out-produce big tanks through a better utilization of heat and fuel, cutting heat-up time by 45%. On a 50 degree day, you can reach a heating oil temperature of 250°F in about 10 mins., and a cold-process temperature of 90°F in about the same time.

The result is less wear and tear on your pump, which means less downtime so roofers can get material where they need it, when they need it, keeping productivity up.

  • 8.25-gal. tank can be filled with diesel fuel and kerosene 
  • Four-wheels allow for easy and convenient movement around the roof deck
  • Easy-to-read digital control panel
  • Diesel-forced air burner generates 125,000 BTUs per hour