1012 Genesis Kettle


The largest heavy-duty kettle in the line, the 1012 provides the greatest asphalt capacity, yet maintains the low profile design and fuel efficiencies as the other models. The 60 GPM flange mounted pump provides convenient accessibility and tighter pump end clearances for pumping heights of 200 feet. Electric brakes are standard on all three axles. Dual hoods for loading and skimming increase operator safety and access.

Higher Asphalt Production

Genesis Kettles maximize heat retention by insulating all sides and the bottom of the tank with a full 2 1/2 inches of 1,000 degree insulation, keeping the heat centered on the material and creating a tremendous “R” value of 11.5. Surrounded by this shield of insulation, Genesis Kettles can cut fuel costs and melt more asphalt with less LP gas.

Greater Efficiency

All Genesis Kettles feature a standard 60 gallon per minute flange pump, which delivers a tighter pump end clearance between the rotor and end plate that allows for pumping heights of close to 200 feet versus 125 feet on conventional deck mounted pumps. The flange mounted pump system also allows you to perform quick pump maintenance, as all vital components are accessible from the outside of the kettle.

Patented Temperature Control

The exclusive ATECS™ temperature control system is available on all Genesis Kettle models. The all-electronic system holds kettle temperatures to within 10 degrees +/- of selected temperatures and prevents kettle temperatures from exceeding 550 degrees.