115 Lo-Boy Kettle


Totally redesigned, features once reserved only for big kettles are now available on the 115 Lo-Boy. Torsion axles mount directly to the kettle frame and eliminate the need for axle springs. The result is a kettle that sits 4 inches lower, translating a lower center of gravity and easier asphalt loading. Once again we used our CAD technology to reduce manufacturing costs and improve quality. In fact, you won't find a better kettle at a lower price.

Quality components and design details once normally reserved for larger kettles have now been incorporated into our new line of smaller patch kettles. Torsion axles, lower-profile designs, CAD design to reduce manufacturing costs, heavy gauge steel and solid-bead welding are all features that improve quality and value for the roofing contractor.

Torsion Axle Technology is an exclusive feature of the 115 Lo-Boy. Torsion axles mount directly to the kettle frame, lowering the center of gravity and virtually eliminating rust and wear problems associated with leaf springs, U-bolts and shackles. Maintenance-free rubber dampening bars inside the axle beam act as shock absorbers and allow each wheel to act independently to the road surface to provide a smoother, safer ride.