Dual Path Dispenser - 48" & 57"


Now – the biggest dispenser in the industry conquers the toughest challenges in fleece-backed EPDM attachment. In one pass you can fully adhere one-half of a 10-foot wide roll of fleece-backed rubber. Gone are the days of mopping in by hand and ending up with incomplete coverage and varying amounts of asphalt coating. Garlock’s Dual Path Dispenser gives you 100 percent coverage with a consistent layer of asphalt throughout the job.

Fleece-backed EPDM’s, insulation attachment and floodcoating are a snap with the Dual Path Dispenser. Simply move the lever forward to lay a 57-inch wide path or pull back to lay a 48-inch wide path of asphalt. No need to switch dispensers or fumble with complicated valve mechanisms.

Fully Adhere:

  • One half sheet of 10 x 50' fleece-backed EPDM
  • One half sheet of 10 x 100' fleece-backed EPDM
  • 4' x 8' insulation sheets

Base Sheet Benefits:

  • Consistent application rate
  • Consistent EVT application
  • Much faster that hand mopping
  • Reduces asphalt waste
  • More efficient operation