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Hy-Tech Roof Warning Line System

The new Hy-Tech Roof Warning Line System is the only delineator system that meets or exceeds OSHA specifications. Create a visual barrier around a roof’s leading edge, hatch, skylight or any other hazard, and keep your contractors safe.

Made in the USA, the Hy-Tech Roof Warning Line System comes with:

  • 3 black bases that will not leave rust on the membrane.
  • 3 orange uprights with reflective yellow caution tape (written in English and Spanish).
  • 110 ft. of Wind Cheater flag line with strong, 8-ml thick flags evenly spaced 12 in. apart.

Assemble in minutes: 

  1. Simply slide the orange upright through the black base.
  2. Using the specially formed handholds, position the uprights no more than 50 ft. apart around your roof edge or hazard.
  3. Run the flag line through the loops in the top of the uprights. 

After completing the project, the orange uprights and black bases are designed to be easily stackable, offering quick and compact storage.

OSHA Compliant:  Exceeds OSHA 1926.502 (F) (2) (ii), (f) (2) (iii) standards—the OSHA test was carried out by Southwest Research Institute in San Antonio. Test report available upon request.


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