Garlock Sky-Dome Skylight Protector


Install a comprehensive skylight guarding system in a matter of minutes—set it in place and walk away.

The Garlock Sky-Dome Skylight Life Protector is a low-cost solution that is completely free-standing, lightweight and quickly installs without mechanically attaching it to the skylight or roofing surface.

In the event of a fall, the Sky-Dome's rigid design prevents workers from ever coming into contact with the glass. 


  • Requires no mechanical attachment to roof or skylight—completely free standing.
  • Low-profile design invisible from ground level.
  • One-piece design on most sizes eliminates need for assembly on the job.
  • Sky-Dome units stack for easy transport and hoisting.
  • Wind-rated up to 100 mph, with higher ratings available.
  • OSHA 1926.501 (b)(4), OSHA 1910.23 (a)(4) and (e)(8) compliant.

In areas that may experience Category 3 (up to 111 mph) or higher hurricane winds, a non-penetrating tether system is available. It creates a semi-permanent connection between the skylight and Sky-Dome Protector.

Open side profiles allow contractors to work on a skylight while keeping the Sky-Dome in place.

The Sky-Dome comes in either a hot-dipped galvanized finish, or powder-coated finish with a variety of color options. The standard color is safety yellow.

The Sky-Dome is available in a variety of sizes up to 6 x 12 ft. When calling to order, have the following dimensions available to ensure you get the properly sized product.

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