Garlock Sentinel Flat-Base Warning Line System


The Garlock Sentinel Flat-Base Warning Line System is designed to serve as a visual warning of roof perimeters and other hazards, such as skylights, hatches or hot kettles.

The system comes with:

  • 4 stanchions
  • 4 bases (26 x 26)
  • 100 ft. of yellow flagged line (flags are rated at 690 lbs. tensile strength)

Each stand weighs 42 lbs. The total system stands 42.75 in. high and weighs 172 lbs. A removable pin allows the stanchion posts to be quickly separated from the flat base for easy transport and storage.

Meets OSHA requirements: Each stanchion features an OSHA standards decal on the base to serve as a friendly reminder during setup. 

Fall Prevention Equipment Brochure

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