Garlock Railguard 200 Roof-Edge Rail System


The Garlock Railguard 200 Roof-Edge Rail System offers OSHA compliant, non-penetrating roof-edge fall protection for leading edges, hatches, HVAC units, vents and scrubbers.

To install, simply place the safety-barrier base plates down on the roof, insert the railings, and then pin together. You’ll never have to drill into the roof or anchor to the roof deck.

For roof hatch guarding, 3- and 4-sided systems are available, along with either manual or self-closing gates. In addition, grab-bar attachments are also available to help workers entering or exiting through the hatch.

The Garlock Railguard 200 qualifies as a Motion Stopping Safety Railing, and can be used right on the roof edge for effective, OSHA-compliant fall protection. 


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