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Roof Deck Brooms

For cleaning roof decks of debris and scrap material, Hy-Tech Products offers the following roof deck brooms and parts.


Broom Handle (tapered)—60-in. broom handle offers a tapered head for use with all standard broom brushes.


Broom Handle (treaded metal tip)—60-in. broom handle with a treaded metal tip for broom brushes requiring screw-in handles.


Broom Handle Brace—Secure the broom handle to the brush and keep it from loosening or twisting with Hy-Tech’s metal handle brace.


Corn Broom—Sturdy wooden-handled corn broom is ideal for rugged indoor and outdoor cleaning.


Poly Stand-Up Broom—Stand-up broom built with durable poly bristles that will not stain or absorb odor.


Poly Street Broom Brush—16-in. broom brush is constructed of a durable bristle head and heavy-duty poly bristles. Includes a tapered broom-handle hole.


Palmyra Felt Broom—36-in. Palmyra Felt Broom is ideal for heavy sweeping over both smooth and rough surfaces.


Garage Broom—Standard push broom available with either 24-in. or 36-in. bristle head.


Tampico Roof Brush—The Tampico fiber brush offers a 7-x-3-in. scrubbing surface for applying any type of roof coating, or cleaning away debris.