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Garlock Invisi-Rail Adaptor for Railguard 200

Invisi-Rail is an adaptor for the Garlock RailGuard 200. Completely free standing, easy to set up and OSHA-compliant, the Invisi-Rail is the best all-around solution for protecting personnel while maintaining the clean look of the building exterior.

With Invisi-Rail, install RailGuard 200 protective railings around objects or a roof perimeter to eliminate fall hazards, and then fold the railings down to 8 inches above the roof when not in use, hiding them from view at ground level.

Fast Set Up

Convert any RailGuard 200 portable railing system into an Invisi-Rail railing system.

Simply attach the Invisi-Rail adaptor to RailGuard 200 guardrail posts, and then insert the other end of the invisi-rail in the baseplate receptacles. 

Product Downloads

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