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VARIMAT V2 Oversized Press Wheel

Create quality thermoplastic seam welds faster and more consistently with the VARIMAT V2 Oversized Press Wheel.

Industrial Heat Sources, a Leister U.S. Master Distributor, designed an upgrade to the VARIMAT V2’s standard pressure roller that is:

  • Wider—Approx. 5/8 in. wider on the leading edge and 1/8 in. wider on the back edge, offering greater steering freedom while keeping the machine’s full weight over the seam.  
  • Heavier—Heavier by 1.2 lbs., the Oversized Press Wheel ensures adequate seam pressure, even as the VARIMAT V2 moves at higher speeds.  
  • Softer—The wheel’s silicone cover is 20% softer, providing more consistent pressure over flat and bumpy surfaces.

The Oversized Press Wheel gives VARIMAT V2 operators greater overlap for better seam coverage, improving welding quality, speed and consistency.

Easy Installation

Installation of the Oversized Press Wheel is fast and easy, simply:

  • Remove the fixing screw.
  • Side the old wheel off.
  • Slide the Oversized Press Wheel in its place.
  • Secure it by reinserting the fixing screw.