Service & Repair Center

Service & Repair Center

For customers looking for roofing tool repair service and support, Hy-Tech equipped its service and repair center with the power, tools and equipment necessary to effectively diagnose and repair all issues across a range of different tools.

Few other roofing service centers offer Hy-Tech’s capabilities in this regard, which is why we service products across the country.

Some of the ways, Hy-Tech Products is setting the standard in service are, we:

  • Arrange to have tools and equipment that need service picked up and then delivered once repaired—alleviating the hassle of transport for customers.

  • Make loaner tools and machines available to keep customers operational and profitable while their equipment is being serviced, which eliminates business interruption. 

  • Refurbish tools and machines to like-new condition as part of every repair—this type of preventative maintenance helps to keep the product running at peak performance longer, which ultimately saves you time and money in the future.

  • Provide customer education and training to prevent the need for continual service. We’ve developed an array of product resource content to educate you on proper use, maintenance and simple repairs of common tools, so you can maximize the life and performance of the product.

  • Honor all manufacturer warranties.

  • Back all electrical repairs with our own full, one-year warranty.


Need your equipment serviced or repaired? 

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"I had an experience in which our company ordered a lot of product, plus we had a number of items that needed repair. I drove to their location, and before I realized what was going on, their guys had my truck unloaded, reloaded with product, and our equipment was being worked on. The crew that did the work was very personable, and made me feel as though my repairs were their only mission while I was there. I was completely impressed, and would refer anyone looking for their services to them.”

— Chad Dunlap, Frost Roofing