Customer Testimonials

Customer Testimonials


Customer service is more than just lip service. At Hy-Tech Products, it’s the foundation on which we have built and grown the business for nearly 40 years.

A number of professional roofers and companies trust us with their roofing equipment needs and can attest to our commitment to quality service and products. 



“I use Hy-Tech because they make it so easy for me to get the right parts, every time. I just call in and talk to one of their experts, or send them a photo of a roof drain (or even a piece of a broken drain ring). They let me know that my parts are on the way and I can have confidence that they will be here in time.”

Mike Huston, Frost Roofing



“Hy-Tech is a relationship-driven company that stands by their personal desire to take great care of their customers, so much so they become their friends. Besides valuing relationships, they show a genuine desire to be innovative and creative in their offerings, which are always geared toward helping their customers solve a real day-to-day problem.”

Bill Cole, Cole Roofing



“Hy-Tech has great prices, a huge selection, fast shipping and knowledgeable staff! We love working with Hy-Tech Products!”

Desmond Ryder, Eastern Roofing Systems, Inc.



“Hy-Tech always gets me what I need, when I need it, at a price that can't be beat.”

Paul Showalter, Showalter Roofing Service, Inc.



“Hy-Tech can really be summed up in two words: customer service. These two words have really fell by the wayside with people having the ability to email orders in and never talking to anyone in person. Every time I reach out to Hy-Tech, the response is immediate because the employees at Hy-Tech appreciate that my time is important. I had an experience in which our company ordered a lot of product, plus we had a number of items that needed repair. I drove to their location, and before I realized what was going on, their guys had my truck unloaded, reloaded with product, and our equipment was being worked on. The crew that did the work was very personable, and made me feel as though my repairs were their only mission while I was there. I was completely impressed, and would refer anyone looking for their services to them.”

Chad Dunlap, Frost Roofing



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