How to Change a Leister VARIMAT V2 Heating Element

VARIMAT V2 Heating Element Error Message

The Leister VARIMAT V2's heating element can wear down over time, or possible break if jossled around too much. When this occurs, you'll see an Error 02 message like the one above on the digital display screen. 

Following are the simple steps to replace your VARIMAT V2's heating element. Please make sure the welder's heating tube is cool before starting. 

1. Remove the four mounting screws that hold the heater tube to the hot-air blower. 

2. Pull the heating tube away from the handle. 

3. Slide off the mica tube that covers the heating element. 

4. Unscrew and remove the metal ring and gasket around the base of the element. 

5. Pull the element away from the blower by rocking it back and forth. Be careful not to rock too much in any direction, within the heating element is a thermocouple that can bend or break. 

6. To attach a new element, slide the existing thermocouple through the middle of the new element, and align the three pins with the three socks on the welder. The element only attaches one way. 

7. Reinstall the gasket and metal ring. 

8. Slide the mica tube back into place. 

9. Slide the heating tube over the mica tube, and reinstall the four mountng screws. 

Now, when you start up you VARIMAT V2, the Error 02 message should be gone. If you are still having issues, please contact Hy-Tech Products at 800-635-0384, or your local Leister service center.