VARIMAT V2 Error Code Definitions

If a malfunction occurs with your Leister VARIMAT V2 automatic hot-air welding machine, a message will appear on the display (5). The error will include an icon, error code and in the event of a serious error, an acoustic warning signal will sound.VARIMAT V2 Error Code 40VARIMAT V2 Error Code 02









Following are error code definitions to help diagnosing issues, and to identify when you need to contact an authorized Leister service center.


Type of error



Interruption or short circuit of the temperature probe.



Heating element defective (interruption in one/both winding(s)).



Triac defective (one or both triacs are defective).



Blower motor defective.


Undervoltage 25% (mains voltage 75%)

If the set / actual welding temperature differ is greater than 20°C, then an acoustic warning signal will sound.

If you don’t encounter an error, contact your Leister authorized service center. They can advise you on potential fixes and next steps.